A downloadable game for Windows

Please try the new version of the demo (labeled new version)! It is better balanced, and designed to better introduce new players to the game! The demo features ten stages and a boss, please check it out.

Sleepy Bones: The Last Love Story From Hell demo now available! In this demo you can play several levels that show off some of the content that is in the game so far. Follow development at feversuperstar.tumblr.com. Send bug reports to feversuperstar@gmail.com. The demo is a huge work in progress and the entire thing is not as polished as I would have liked, but it is playable and I look forward to letting people enjoy it.

  • [Controls]
  • Most controls are explained in game
  • Press the 'esc' key to exit the game at any time
  • Press the 'R' key to restart the game at any time
  • [Known Issues]
  • Occasional movement glitches when sliding on slanted blocks
  • Display issues may arise on multi monitor setups
  • Display issues may arise on monitors with particularly high resolution
  • Music is not so good
  • Score display acts odd on final screens of the demo


Sleepy Bones Demo [New Version].exe 18 MB